Control Systems

GRS offer a number of control systems suitable for G Scale garden railways. Further details may be found in our proprietary catalogues, and advice is readily available from GRS staff.


The LGB Multi-Train System (MTS)

The LGB Multi-Train System (MTS) is a digital system allowing multi train control in the usual digital manner without the need for extensive wiring and track sections. It has the added advantage that it can be converted to wireless operation and can therefore be operated from anywhere in the garden. It can also be used in a similar fashion to operate ancillaries. Full details may be found in the respective LGB catalogue.



This company produces most of the LGB MTS product line, but also manufacturers an ‘upmarket’ version of the system under its own brand name. The Massoth MTS system has bigger power supplies, more addresses, digital readout, and gives the user much more information.


Massoth DiMax1200Z + DiMax Navigator

Massoth Dimax1200B Booster

Massoth DiMax1200Z + DiMax Navigator

Massoth Dimax1200B Booster


LGB MTS & Massoth Training Seminars.

GRS runs training seminars on Saturdays several times a year for beginners and intermediate level users on LGB MTS and Massoth digital systems. Dates posted upon our website Full details available upon application.


Massoth Sound Systems for G Scale

A large range of modules with in built decoders is available to suit steam, diesel and electric outline locos. They can be fitted by the user or GRS offers a fitting service. Full details may be found in the respective Massoth catalogue.


The Crest-Aristocraft Train Engineer Mk3

The Crest-Aristocraft Train Engineer is a popular ‘walkabout’ radio control system using a remote control handset with the latest digital technology at very reasonable prices. Offering all the facilities of the MTS when ‘on board’ modules are fitted to the locos. It supports both analogue and digital modes (digital being suitable for use with battery systems). Power supplies are listed below. Full details may be found in the respective Aristocraft catalogue. Note that at the time of going to press the ‘Onboard’ system was not available in Europe due to product development changes in the USA.


Crest-Aristocraft Power Systems



CRE55468 Everest Power Supply 15amp 24v DC with voltmeter and fan

CRE55465 Power Supply Supply 13amp 24v DC with voltmeter and fan

CRE55401 Ultima Controller 10amp 24v DC with fan


GaugeMaster / GRS





GM1025 10 LGB 2.5 Controller / Transformer Unit 18V 2.5A

GM1050 10 LGB 5.0 Controller / Transformer Unit 18V 5.0A

GM12 Transformer 18VDC 5.0A

CG22 Transformer 22VDC 5.0A Partially Smoothed / Regulated


Battery Controllers, R/C & Manual

Electronize standard radio control input - no servo. Smooth forward and reverse control with soft start. Neutral and span adjustment. 5 volt 1 amp regulator (B.E.C.) for single battery operation.

CG102 GRS Battery Controller Kit, for on-board manual battery control of loco

FR8T-AM Electronize Motor Controller 8A 6-24V Battery


Switches & Electrical Accessories

FA180670 Faller Light 16Volt

G671 Copper Foil Tape Self Adhesive

G672 LGB Type Plugs & Sockets

G673 Magnets (x8)

G674 14v ES Lamps (10)

FG407 Plastic Pickup Holders (6)

FG408 LGB Type Multicolour Connectors (6)

GM10 Flux2 Whitemetal