GRS Product Lists

Here you can browse our entire range of over 7000 parts. If you're looking for something in particular then try our Search facility to give you a list of pages containing your search term. Catalogues from the major manufacturers are available upon request, the most popular items from which are on our system, however should you require an item that is not in one of the lists below, just let us know and we will be pleased to get it for you.

Accucraft Accessories21
Accucraft American Mainline 1:29 Locos Electric27
Accucraft American Mainline 1:29 Locos Live Steam20
Accucraft American Mainline 1:29 Rolling Stock46
Accucraft American Mainline 1:29 Track & Accessories47
Accucraft American Mainline 1:29 Wheels & Couplers6
Accucraft Trains 1:20.3 Freight Stock100
Accucraft Trains 1:20.3 Accessories16
Accucraft Trains 1:20.3 Locos Electric35
Accucraft Trains 1:20.3 Locos Live Steam51
Accucraft Trains 1:20.3 Passenger Stock20
Accucraft Trains 1:32 American Locos Electric25
Accucraft Trains 1:32 American Locos Live Steam2
Accucraft UK Locomotives Live Steam50
Accucraft UK Rolling Stock82
Accucraft UK Locos Electric18
Aristo Accessories129
Aristo Freightstock219
Aristo Locos190
Aristo Passenger Stock16
Aristo Replacement Parts101
Aristo Track American39
Aristo Track European58
Aristo/Crest Electronics90
Aristocraft Sets12
Bachmann Accessories46
Bachmann Locos7
Bachmann Rolling Stock112
Bachmann Scenecraft Figures41
Bachmann Spectrum130
Bachmann Spectrum Accessories7
Bachmann Trainset13
Books British2
Books British Narrow Gauge39
Books British Standard Gauge26
Books International15
Catalogues, Magazines, Manuals24
DVD, Videos British 7
DVD, Videos International14
Gift Vouchers4
Gnomy Toys1
GRS Accessories54
GRS Custom Track & Rail Accessories58
GRS Decals, Transfers, Plates280
GRS Electrics17
GRS Fasteners28
GRS G64 Parts Loco163
GRS G64 Parts Rolling Stock93
GRS G64 Parts Tender11
GRS Kit Accessories Universal16
GRS Lineside & Station Accessories230
GRS Live Steam Accessories9
GRS Locos Narrow Gauge Kits40
GRS Locos Standard Gauge Kits23
GRS Parts Narrow Gauge143
GRS Rolling Stock Narrow Gauge Kits98
GRS Rolling Stock Standard Gauge Kits68
GRS Stonework & Metal Bridges41
Lehmann Toy Trains14
LGB Accessories Electrical56
LGB Accessories Non Electrical37
LGB Coaches41
LGB Locomotives51
LGB Publications3
LGB Sets11
LGB Spares Electrical28
LGB Spares Nonelectrical31
LGB Track63
LGB Wagons67
Massoth Digital Equipment26
Massoth Emotion Decoders & Accessories29
Massoth Emotion Sound Unit Accessories12
Massoth Emotion Sound Units - Diesel8
Massoth Emotion Sound Units - Electric9
Massoth Emotion Sound Units - Steam40
Massoth Figures6
Massoth Lighting Units6
Massoth Loco & Rolling Stock Accessories6
Massoth Parallel Data Upgrades For LGB Locos21
Massoth Parallel Data Upgrades For LGB MTSII 10
Massoth Rolling Roads4
Massoth Track Bender & Installation Accessories1
Massoth Track Connectors4
MKS Metal, Plastruct, Chain177
Paints, Thinners & Accessories229
Pola & Piko Buildings302
Preiser & Imp Figures275
Secondhand Accessories7
Secondhand Coaches52
Secondhand Electrics55
Secondhand Live Steam9
Secondhand Locos87
Secondhand Miscellaneous10
Secondhand Sets6
Secondhand Wagons112
Tenmille & Peco Products114
Train Line 45226
USA Trains Accessories39
USA Trains Freight Stock974
USA Trains Locos183
USA Trains Passenger Stock122
Woodland Scenics117